B10-96 Conventional
B10-96 Conventional
B10-96 Conventional

B10-96 Conventional

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CRM Days:  110 Days
Hybrid Advantages:
  • Consistent ear size with good test weight
  • Very good roots and a dependable agronomic package
  • Handles high heat extremely well with very good drought tolerance
  • Responds well to high fertility and planting populations

Conventional Corn

  • Does not contain glyphosate or glufosinate herbicide tolerance
  • Does not contain insect traits (Bt)
  • Manage insect pressure appropriately

Drought Protection – No
Corn Borer Protection – No
Corn Rootworm Protection – No 

    *Always read and follow label directions!*
    **Always refer to bag tags for confirmation of herbicide tolerance**

    Packaging options include Paper Bags OR Pro Bulk